What Our Patients Say

Liz, 63

“Having not been to the dentist for several years, and feeling very overwhelmed by all of the new treatments and options available to me, I was glad to have clear guidance on the best option for my specific needs. I ended up going with Lava implants, which give me the stability to eat what I want and the confidence to keep smiling!”

John, 64

“Since my first trip to the dentist as a young lad, I’ve always felt a bit apprehensive about the whole ordeal. In my day, many of the treatments seemed very amateurish, which always made me feel uncomfortable about having my mouth worked on. For this reason, I managed to avoid the dentist for a long time, which has had a devastating effect on my teeth. It wasn’t until I read about some of the newer treatments and techniques used by dentists that I realised how much dentistry has evolved since I was younger. Although I’m not completely over my fear of the dentist, my sturdy new implants will ensure that I won’t have to go back any time soon!”

Mark, 35

“I really enjoy playing rugby at the weekends, so I usually expect to start my Mondays with a few cuts and bruises. But after getting a front tooth knocked out during a particularly feisty match a few months ago, I needed a quick, discreet and strong solution that would allow me to face my meetings throughout the week without trying to conceal my smile. The implants that I have are made from Chrome Cobalt, which looks great and makes my teeth feel brand new. Within a couple of weeks I was back on the rugby pitch, but instead of shying away from tackles I wasn’t afraid to get stuck in!”

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