Price List


All restorations are subject to multiple inspections before leaving the laboratory. Our aim is to provide optimal results for you and your patient.

Product NHS Independent Private
Porcelain Bonded Crown* £37 £60 £80
Porcelain Veneer £37 £60 £80
Porcelain Bonded Bridge* (per unit) £40 £65 £90
Maryland/RochettePontic £37 £60 £80
Maryland/Rochette Wing £18 £25 £30
Post & Core £18 £20 £25
Gold Shell* £36 £55 £70
Gold Inlay* £36 £55 £70

Private level of work is dispatched with a 5 year patient guarantee card against product failure


Titanium Abutment £155
Zirconia Abutment £190
*Custom Made Abutment £85
Milling of Stock Abutment £50
Location Jig £25
*Cement Retained Implant Bonded Crown £110
*Cement Retained Implant Bonded Bridge £115
*Screw Retained Implant Bonded Crown £120
*Cement Retained Implant Bonded £125
Zirconia Implant Crown £125
Zirconia Implant Bridge £140

Please Note: With the ever changing cost of PRECIOUS METALS we are unable to give a fixed price on attachment work. We can offer Bar, Ball, Stud, Slide and many other forms of attachments. Please call the laboratory for more information and up-to-date pricing.

*Add Alloy charge when requesting Precious Alloy. Non precious alloy is Nickel and Beryllium free.

Metal Free Restorations

e.max® Inlay/Onlay£85

IPS e.max Impulse (Full Press Ceramic) £60
Impulse ZirGlaze (Full Contour Zirconia) £50
Katana® Zirconia Crown
(Layered e.max® Porcelain)
Katana® Zirconia Bridge
(Layered e.max® Porcelain)
£120 Per Unit
IPS e.max® Crown/ Veneer/ Inlay
(Layered e.max® Porcelain)

Vacuum Formed Appliances

Single Colour Sports Guard £30
More than one colour add £5 per colour
Bleaching Tray £20
Pull-Down Stent £20
Hard Pull-Down Splint £20
Soft Pull-Down Splint £20

Our custom made mouth guards provide protection for teeth and, or restorations within the mouth.

Dimensions change during the formation process though standard mouth guards are constructed from a 3mm and heavy duty from a 5mm EVA blank.

All are supplied with carry case whilst most colours and patterns are available on request.

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